Hello! Welcome and thanks for stopping by! My name is Alicia Corbridge and I am an artist. I love to create, and photography is my main choice of artistic expression.

I have loved photography and art in general my entire life. I would even say it is inherited! I have so many talented family members on both sides and in multiple generations. We have artists, photographers, musicians, seamstresses, painters, airbrush artists, dancers, crafters and so much more. My entire, very large family sort of hit the talent jackpot and I am so proud and grateful to be among them.

It is such a blessing to find your talent and passion in life, but it would be wasted if you didn't share that talent with your family, friends and the world. My family is talented and also very generous, and each one of them have shared their gifts, uplifted hearts, and have inspired others and I hope I can always do the same.

Photography came to me in the form of a purple Mickey Mouse 110 film camera when I was about 10 years old. I loved taking pictures of flowers and my toys, my friends and the exciting world around me.

I was introduced briefly to pin-hole photography and the magic of the darkroom in high school and that carried my interest into college. I took all the classes I could on 35mm black and white photography and I all but moved into the darkroom. Those classes really opened my eyes and lit a fire for me. My friends and family expected a camera to be with me always and were encouraging and even had many fun poses or shenanigans to suggest. 

I then got a job with lifetouch and traveled to schools taking school portraits. I loved it and learned a lot! I also worked in the lab and quality tested 10's of thousands of prints a day. I also worked for another local photographer taking prom portraits and a few weddings. I'm grateful for all these experiences and the knowledge and expertise I have gained. They have all helped me become the artist I am today.

I Inherited a few film cameras from my Grandpa and I used them and loved them for many years, avoiding the dreaded and unequal digital cameras. ( I am dating myself now. ) But, like technology tends to do, digital caught up and soon passed the old art form called film. I first had a point and shoot digital camera, and it changed my life! I was finally able to grow in my favorite art form at the pace I desired.

Soon after I got my first DSLR and my love for film photography and digital combined and I was whole! An entire world was opened up to me. I had a lot of learning and growing to do but I was eagerly all in!

Eight years later, and here I am! My love and passion for photography grows everyday and I am excited for the future. I have many fun and exciting things planned and I hope you can join me on this fantastic ride!

While photography is a huge part of my life, it's not the only thing. I have only ever wanted three main things in my life: to be a photographer, a wife and a mother. I was blessed with photography early, I married the man of my dreams (literally, but that is a story for another day) in 2006 and the crowing blessing of my life came in the form of a beautiful little girl named Natalie in 2014. I have been blessed with so much and I am eternally grateful!

My other life's favorites are:  walks on the beach or in nature, LDS Temple and church attendance and membership, traveling, family gatherings, crafts, and Daydreaming!

All my inspiration, creative recharging, spiritual uplifting, and visions of creative photoshoots comes from Daydreaming. It is a huge part of my daily life and it should be yours too. There is real power in daydreaming I am proof. Join me and together we can make your daydreams come true!